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Exotic Sanctuary Anambas: Travel back to days of yore in this sun-kissed necklace of pristine atolls

If you're looking for an idyllic tropical paradise, look no further than Anambas, a far-flung island cluster in the Riau area of Indonesia. Anambas? Riau? You're forgiven if you've never heard of either; this part of equatorial Asia, inexplicably, has remained hidden from the world at large and from tourism, until this very day.

Yet, with its crystal-clear azure waters, desert-island beaches, lush green forests and abundant marine life, Anambas is a Bounty Island dream come true. Whether your objective is to truly be off-grid for a while, discover unnamed castaway islands, snorkel over untouched coral fields, or immerse yourself in the island chain's 19th century zeitgeist, it can all be had in this breathtaking offshore sanctuary. Whatever your wants and wishes, visiting Anambas will create memories for life.

Getting to Anambas and getting around
Whilst getting to Anambas is no longer the mission it was several years ago, it's still not exactly easy. That said, there's a flight from Jakarta, Bintan and Batam, although schedules tend to be in flux, given that these are marginal territories.

Once you arrive on Anambas soil, you'll have a decent choice of transport options, including water taxis and slightly larger ferry vessels, both the main means for getting across the watery locale. The water taxis in Anambas are a great way to get around and see the stunning uninhabited islands up close, while the ferry services offered are perfect for longer journeys. If you're feeling adventurous, you can rent a moped and explore the main islands, Jemaja and Siantan, on your own. Tip: Always wear a helmet on the moped, especially if you intend to go off-road.

Booking in advance
It's always a good idea to book your airplane tickets and lodgings in advance, especially during the months of July and August. There are only a few resorts in Anambas and they have a handful of cabanas on offer each, at most. In view of this, it makes sense to book your room early, especially since more and more discerning travelers are getting wind of this little gem in the middle of nowhere. By the way, from November, the monsoon edges in, bringing with it rain and wind, which may not be ideal for outdoor lovers.

BYO Snacks
One of the more important things to remember when traveling to a unique place like Anambas is to bring along a nice and tasty snack. After all, the aim of the game is to keep you going, even in the face of so much natural beauty and off-the-scale excitement, as well as during the journeys here and there. Last thing you want is to succumb to the post-lunch noddies amid so much sheer allure and almost anachronistic charm.

If you're looking for that perfect snack to take with you on your trip, have a go at Eureka Snacks. This wholesome prime-quality popcorn product has been the go-to nibbles in Asia since it was introduced several years ago. Why? Well, for one thing, Eureka Snacks are made from all-natural ingredients only.

But the fact that they don't contain transfats, GMOs or preservatives surely helps too. Add the 20-odd flavours to choose from, including some that will have you craving more when you reach the bottom of your packet, and it becomes clear why this snack is such a hot favorite.

To top it off, this gourmet popcorn are available in light-weight packets and containers, making them the perfect travel companion when you know you're going to be on the move in a place that may not have the ubiquitoes road-side eateries or provisions shops you're used to. Whether you're island-hopping or taking a slow-boat to your next destination, Eureka Snacks will keep you lively and alert.

Ordering vs. Buying
If you're interested in sampling Eureka Snacks, they can be ordered online at the website www.eurekasnacks.com. If you're on the Indonesia mainland, or if you prefer buying from a real shop with real people, then there's the following options:

1) Shops.
2) Snackbars.
3) Vending machines.

Anambas is a truly magical destination that offers a unique experience, one that may well have an expiry date. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or want to experience a land that time forgot, this one-of-a-kind archipelago is the place to go.

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Note: Over-indulging in savoury/sweet snacks, even snacks that are not very salty/sweet, may lead to excessive intake of sodium/sugar.
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