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Diving in Anambas

Sparsely populated and still as good as completely unknown to the outside world, the Anambas archipelago can be considered as truly the last hidden exotic paradise.

Visiting this frontier island chain, even now, is akin to the experience encountered by merchants of the previous centuries when they sailed into terra incognita. Anambas is still practically undiscovered to this day.

Safety stop always
Safety stop

So undiscovered is Anambas that even Google Maps has only named half a dozen of the more than 200 Anambas bounty islands that are here! In fact, most of the islands, whilst visible by satellite, haven't even been added to Google's map at all. Unchartered territory indeed.

One-of-a-kind diving

Add to this the fact that Anambas not only flanks the Coral Triangle but that the islands' countless bays, coves and inlets provide the area's diverse ecosystems with a huge natural hatchery and it's clear to see that scubadiving here is nothing short of top-notch.

Buzzing bottom structures
Buzzing bottom structures

Of course, our gin-clear waters and thriving coral gardens also add the awesome diving environment. Particularly if you enjoy diving off the beaten track, it's good to know that diving here you'll be in very select company; likely even the first to explore this underwater wonder world - a unique experience.

Our calm weather and gentle sea make for superb diving conditions, albeit that the northeast monsoon months, December - February, are considered the off-season, due to the stronger winds, generally more unsettled atmosphere and higher rainfall.

When to dive

But from March/April until November, the so-called southwest season, winds and seas are friendly, which in turn results in excellent water visibility. Even during the windier spells, which occur every now and again during this time, there are still plenty of great dive sites to experience, courtesy of the many leeward-facing islands offered by Anambas.

'That was awesome' :)
"That was awesome" :)

In short, diving in Anambas is a bucket-list item if ever there was one. But best not wait too long to tick this one, because Anambas won't stay hidden for much longer.

If you have any questions, about diving in Anambas, just ask the pros here. Or let us know here.

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